What is a Hands-Off Phone streak?

A Hands-Off Phone streak is the number of consecutive times you drove and kept your hands off your phone. You can increase a streak by continuing your hands-off habit. You can break a streak by removing your phone from its cradle or mount and handling it as you drive.

What happens when I miss a streak?

If you handle your phone while driving, your streak tally resets to zero. But the good news? You can start again and keep up the hands-off habit with each driving trip.

Does my streak come with rewards?

The more times in a row you leave your phone alone, the longer your streak tally will be. That streak helps increase your distraction-free driving score and overall safety when you focus on driving.

When you reach a milestone, we let you know and celebrate your good, hands-off habit. You can see your trips streak increase and those good numbers add up.

What are some guidelines for not touching my phone?

To earn a streak and add to your tally, don’t use your phone while driving. You can use your phone’s virtual assistant for info, but be mindful of your focus and keep your eyes on the road.

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