Do I need additional insurance for my rental car?

When renting due to a claim, your personal auto policy also applies to that rental car (assuming you’re in the United States). So if anything happened while you were driving the rental car, it would be handled just like a regular claim.
HiRoad rental coverage does not include optional insurance that rental car agencies offer, including damage waivers. You may be presented with items called personal accident insurance, personal effects coverage, or supplemental liability protection, and those may overlap with your own coverage if you chose those items with HiRoad. (If you don’t remember, please look at Coverage under the Insurance tab of your app, or contact Customer Care.)
Another item rental car agencies may present to you is called a collision damage waiver, damage waiver, damage fee waiver, or loss damage waiver. These are not insurance; they are optional and supplemental. The intent is to reduce or eliminate the need for you to use your own insurance if you get in an accident in your rental car. However, they do not apply if you violate your rental contract, and each company lists different things that violate the contract. (Some examples of contract violations: driving off road or on a beach, leaving the rental car unlocked or windows down, someone not on the contract driving the car, hitting overhead signs, or racing.)  In any case, we recommend asking very detailed questions at the counter so you understand the contract.
These waivers may be helpful if you want to avoid the process of filing a claim with your insurance company. But they can significantly raise the cost of the rental. So to make an informed decision about these waivers, you need to weigh your risk tolerance versus your budget. In any case, we recommend that you discuss this with your HiRoad Claims Specialist.
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