Trips not recording on Android phones with OS 9 or Pie


Users with an Android phone with Android 9 Pie may not record trips based on how it manages battery settings. To save power, the OS, or you as a user, may enable battery optimizations to apps that are not used often.  When these battery optimizations are in place, the HiRoad app will not be able to record your trips.   

Begin by going to your phone's Settings and select "Apps".


Scroll until you see the "HiRoad" App then select the "HiRoad" App.


Select the "HiRoad" App and then you should see the following screen.  Click on the "Battery" option.


After you have selected the "Battery" option you should then see the following screen.  Select "Allow background activity".


After you have selected "Allow background activity" you should see the following screen option.  


Select the "Remove" option and you should see the following screen.  

The prior screen will reappear but now the "Allow background activity" option should say "App can use battery in background".  Next click the "Optimize battery usage" option.


Tap "Apps not optimized" and select "All"


Set the toggle to off for the the "HiRoad" app. 


You are now all set and you can exit the Settings section of the Android phone.

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