Can multiple drivers on my policy share the same login credentials (email/password) for the HiRoad app?

No, each driver must have their own unique login credentials.

Invite additional drivers to download and use the app:

Step 1: Invite

  • Sign in to
  • Go to "Drivers" 
  • Select the drivers name
  • Choose “Invite”
  • If they've been invited and their status is "Pending", choose "Resend invite"

Step 2: Download the app

  • Your drivers will receive an email to verify their account
  • Once email is verified, they can download the app in the App Store or
    Google Play Store
  • Have them set up their phones to allow location

Note: Drivers need to use a compatible mobile device

Step 3: Start taking trips

  • Drive and log trips 
  • Review trips at least once or twice per week and classify as “driving” or “not driving” 

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