How do I set up permissions with iOS 13 when I install or reinstall the app?

The following 8 steps will help you set up permissions so you can log trips and earn your monthly discount based on your smart driving choices.

Step 1

Download the HiRoad app to get started. With iOS 13, you’ll see three permission categories to set up: Location, Motion and Notifications. Choose “Let’s do it” to continue.



Step 2

Select the “Choose access” button to continue.



 Step 3

On the HiRoad “Location access” screen, choose “Got it” to launch the next prompt.



Step 4

When prompted to allow HiRoad to access your device’s location, choose “Allow While Using the App”.



Step 5

Within the prompt to allow HiRoad to access your Motion & Fitness, choose “OK”. This will help the app get to know your driving patterns and setting this permission means you’ll spend less time categorizing trips.




Step 6

Next you’ll set up access for notifications about key updates, driving tips and billing information. Choose “Allow notifications” button.



Step 7

Choose “Allow” to send notifications.



Step 8

On the “One last thing” screen, you’ll see that you have two options to finalize your Location permissions.

You can choose the correct setting immediately by going to Settings > HiRoad > Location and selecting “Always”.


wait until the OS shows you Location permission prompts 1 & 2 where you can choose “Always Allow” .

Reminder: You can’t earn your driver discount unless you select “Always Allow” in your location settings. 



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