Why am I paying the max price?

You’ll potentially pay the max monthly price if you don’t:
• Download the app and correctly set permissions for your compatible device 
Train Your App by taking five trips and classifying each one
• Make a habit of classifying trips as driving or not driving
• Keep and/or improve on your good driving score factors
• Have all additional drivers on your policy download the app and log trips (required by the policy)

How can I help decrease my monthly price?
A benefit of HiRoad insurance is the opportunity to have a fresh start each month with the ability to earn a discount on your bill as long as you actively use the app, log trips and practice good driving skills.

It’s possible to log all trips and not receive a monthly discount if your driving score is affected by an accumulation of bad habits. But you can change the potential for your discount once you improve your driving and score.

A few actions you can take to help decrease your price:
• Ease on the brakes and come to complete stops
• Take corners and turns more gently
• Drive less and find opportunities to work at home, get a ride with a friend or run all errands in one trip
• Make sure all drivers on your policy use the app and log trips
• Take public transportation or grab a rideshare when you can
• Ride a bike or walk to short-distance destinations
• Practice good driving habits, stay alert and avoid distractions

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