How does the app know I'm driving?

The app learns about your driving behavior based on the Tune Your App exercise we ask you to complete as you start your coverage—as well as your habits over time.

Each time you drive and classify trips, the app recognizes your patterns. For example, if you commute on a train every weekday and take the same route, over time the app will classify those trips as not driving. If you go to the grocery store or run similar kinds of errands, it classifies that trip as driving.

The more you classify trips, the sooner the app will be in sync with your driving patterns. Sometimes you may need to reclassify if you change up your driving routine.

It’s a good practice to classify trips each day or a couple of times a week. When you classify trips, you also see your current driving scores so you can keep up the good work and/or improve in order to earn a monthly discount.

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