What are the HiRoad driving scores?

The HiRoad driving scores are the key to earning rewards. You can view your scores on the Home screen of the HiRoad app. To learn more, visit our HiRoad App page.

The app uses the tools built into your phone to measure your habits behind the wheel. HiRoad uses that information to calculate your four driving scores – and your monthly reward!


The driving scores are:

  • Distraction Free - Your phone may be your lifeline to the world but it can also take your eyes off the road and become a hazard for you and those around you. So, keep hands on your steering wheel and your eyes peeled so you can be ready for what’s coming down the road.

  • Driving Patterns - This score looks at when, where and how long you drive. While some of that is out of your control, you can improve your driving pattern score by planning ahead. Avoid driving at night and on busy city streets. When running errands, try to complete all of your to-dos in one fell swoop. And, when you can, look for alternatives to your morning commute, such as public transit, carpooling, riding your bike or working remotely.

  • Safe Speeds - At HiRoad, we believe “safe” is the new “fast." There are so many reasons to “slow your roll”, including improving your fuel economy! So, keep to the speed limit and avoid darting in and out of lanes to keep you and those around you safe.

  • Smooth Driving - Tight turns and quick shifting might be cool on the racetrack. In traffic? Not so much. So go easy on the brakes, accelerate with evenly and take corners with ease to decrease your chances of getting in an accident and increase passenger comfort!
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