What are the HiRoad driving scores?


The HiRoad app includes four driving scores that measure your habits behind the wheel to help determine your risk for incidents and accidents, as well as reward you with a monthly discount.

They are:

Distraction Free

Keep your hands off your phone so you can be ready for anything ahead. Focus on the road, cars and obstacles around you to avoid close calls and accidents.

This score is all about planning ahead and not touching your phone as you drive. Best practices include setting your music stream or directions before you take off and asking your passengers to use their phones if you need info as you drive. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration provides statistics on the dangers of distracted driving. Planning ahead is a smart habit to adopt to help keep this score high.

Driving Patterns

How much, where and when you drive can impact your risk for accidents. Sometimes you can control these amounts. Sometimes you can't. When you can drive less, do it. When you can group errands, that helps too.

This score is all about your driving habits. How often you drive means more miles and hours on the road. Try to group outings as much as you can if you have a long commute. Where you drive speaks to the difference in busy city and town centers, crowded highways and more open roads and rural byways. When possible, avoid those routes where risk for accidents is greater. When you drive refers to time of day or night. If you drive to your job after dark, this may be more challenging to change. When  you can, stick to daylight hours where visibility is improved.

Safe Speeds

Who enjoys being on the road around a reckless driver? Weaving in and out of traffic and driving at speeds much faster than the flow of traffic impacts the chances of harm for everyone. Be courteous behind the wheel and you'll make a positive difference.

This score covers how driving at safe speeds decreases your risk for incidents and accidents. You’re less likely to lose control of your car when you drive at or under the posted speed limit. As a bonus, this good habit helps increase your fuel economy.

Smooth Driving

Hugging corners and taking off quickly is cool on a racetrack. In traffic? Not so much. Easing on the brakes, accelerating with finesse and taking corners evenly will help decrease your chances of getting in an accident and make your trips much calmer. 

This score rewards excellence in driving skills. Coming to full and complete stops at lights and stop signs to help keep this score high each month.

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