Why am I seeing 4 driving scores in the app?

We optimized driving scores by creating fewer categories for more control and adding distraction-free recognition.

Currently, your driver discount is calculated the same way you’re used to.

The Distraction Free score does not affect your current monthly price until your renewal. The others scores do.

The new scores benefit you and your community by:

Adding distraction-free recognition to reward smart driving choices (to comply with the Rhode Island no-hand-held-device law)

Consolidating categories for more control with Driving Patterns, Safe Speeds and Smooth Driving

Making the Safe Speeds score smarter with higher scores aligned to courteous, controlled and non-aggressive driving

Improving calculations to better match price to risk, based on three years of learning from driving data and claims

We listened to our customers and relied on our data to better reflect how driving choices impact the likelihood of accidents.

The new scores help reward you for your focused and good driving habits and that, in turn, contributes to a safer community.

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