How do I set up permissions with iOS 14 when I install or reinstall the app?

The following eight steps will help you set up permissions so you can log trips and earn your monthly discount based on your smart driving choices.

Download the HiRoad app to get started. With iOS 14, you’ll see three permission categories to set up: Location, Motion and Notifications. Choose “Let’s do it” to continue.


Select the “Choose access” button to continue.


On the HiRoad “Location access” screen, choose “Got it” to launch the next prompt.


When prompted to allow HiRoad to access your device’s location, choose “Allow While Using the App” with “Precise” location “On” so we can learn how you drive.


Within the prompt to allow HiRoad to access your Motion & Fitness, choose “OK”. This will help the app get to know your driving patterns and setting this permission means you’ll spend less time categorizing trips.


Next you’ll set up access for notifications about key updates, driving tips and billing information. Choose the “Allow notifications” button if you’d like to receive these messages.


Choose “Allow” to send notifications if this is your preference.


On the “Just a reminder” screen, you’ll see what two types of future phone prompts will look like.

Make sure you choose “Always Allow” when prompted by the OS or within location settings so you can earn your driver discount, otherwise you’ll pay the max price each month.


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