How can I improve my Distraction Free score?

Keeping your hands off your phone as you drive is the best way to increase your Distraction Free score and lessen your risk for accidents. 

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, National Safety Council and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (among other institutions) all advise that anything that takes your attention away from driving and focus on the road serves as a distraction.

Here are a few tips to help improve your concentration and decrease distraction:

Plan ahead
Know you need to make a call or look up something? Do it before you start the engine and head out.

Dashboard solution
Find a cradle, magnetic mount or other holding device that you really like. Then use it all the time.

Buddy system
Engage a friend, partner or other passenger to use their phone to get info needed while you drive like a focused pro.

Set up before you start up
Get your music, maps and other audio streams all set up before you hit the road.


When it comes to distraction-free, you have the opportunity to earn rewards and push yourself to be a less distracted driver with the Challenges tab—which you can find in the HiRoad app.

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