How do I set up the correct location permission on Android 11 when I install or reinstall the app?

Take these steps to set up location permission on your phone’s new operating system so you can log trips and earn your monthly discount based on your smart driving choices :

Step 1

Download the HiRoad app to get started. Once you're logged in, choose “Let’s do it” to continue.



Step 2

When you’re prompted, select "Choose access”.



Step 3

Next, you’ll see a screen with “Access your location in two steps” at the top. Choose “Got it” to launch your next prompt.



Step 4
In the pop-up screen prompt with “Allow HiRoad to access the device’s location” at the top, choose “While using the app”.



Step 5
Next, you’ll see a screen with “Allow all the time” at the top. Tap the “Go to settings” button. This will take you outside of the HiRoad app and to your phone’s Settings section.


Step 6
Choose “Allow all the time” from the Location permission screen. Under “Locations” it should read “Enabled”.



When you return to the app
Choose "Allow" when you see this prompt.

Your permissions are now set up so you can log trips with the HiRoad app.



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