How do I set up correct location permission on iOS 13.0 to 13.3 when I install or reinstall the app?

Take these steps to set up location permission on your phone’s operating system so you can log trips and earn your monthly discount based on your smart driving choices:

Step 1

After the Welcome screen, you’ll land on the Permissions screen with three sections: Location, Motion and Notifications. Choose the “Enable” button under Location.

Step 2

Next you’ll see a screen titled “We need to access your Location”. Choose “Next” and then choose “Allow While Using App”.

Step 3

Next, you’ll see a screen titled “Select Always Allow”. The prompts may show up on occasion to remind you to choose  the option that lets the app always run in the background (so you can receive your monthly discount). Choose “Next”.


Step 4
Now, under Locations you should see “Enabled." Next, choose the “Enable” button under Motion. Choose “OK”.

Step 5

Under Motion and Fitness, you should see “Enabled”. Choose the “Enable” button under Notifications. Then choose “Allow” and then the “Let’s continue” button to finish.


Your permissions are now set up so you can log trips with the HiRoad app.

If you didn’t enable permissions when you first downloaded the app, you can change this by going to Settings > HiRoad > Location and choosing “Always”.

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