How do I set up the correct settings on Android when I install or reinstall the app?

To get the rewards you’ve earned, the HiRoad app must capture your driving scores. That’s why, when you first download the app, we’ll ask you for access to your location and to update your battery settings.


Enable the location settings on your phone so the app can capture your driving behavior.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Select HiRoad.
  3. Update your location settings.
  4. For Location, choose “Allow all the time.”
  5. For Physical Activity (Android 10 and above), choose “Allow.” 


To make sure your trips are recorded and reflected in your monthly bill, your battery will need to be in “Unrestricted” mode. We recommend that you keep your phone charged prior to each trip. 

  1. Open the Settings screen.
  2. Select “Apps.” 
  3. Select “HiRoad.”
  4. Open “Battery.”
  5. Choose the “Unrestricted” option.

Your operating system may, from time to time, reset your location and battery settings. So, check these settings periodically to make sure you’re getting rewarded for your great driving.

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