What is Telematics?

“Telematics” refers to using the smart technology in your phone to understand how you drive. The sensors in your phone recognize distinct driving behaviors when you’re on the road, such as distracted driving and driving the speed limit. Over a period of time, that data gets calculated to show what drivers do well and where they can improve.

Telematics is used to calculate the HiRoad driving scores. The better you drive, the higher your scores. The higher your scores, the bigger your monthly reward will be. You can learn more about how we calculate your driving scores by reviewing this FAQ article.

Telematics is a powerful tool, but with great power comes great responsibility. At HiRoad, we believe it is our responsibility to use this technology for good. When you sign up for a HiRoad policy, you can expect:

  • We’ll protect your privacy – Our teams invest in and leverage powerful encryption technology to keep all your data secure.
  • We’re here to help – We provide you with tools and support to become a more mindful driver.
  • Good driving, rewarded – We celebrate you for taking the high road with a monthly discount. With good driving habits, you can save up to 50% on your bill for good driving.

So many of us already use technology each day for our health, home, work and family. And, while telematics-based insurance may feel new right now, we think you’ll get a lot of mileage and rewards by having a tool for mindful driving in your mindful-living toolkit.

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