What should I do if my vehicle has glass and/or windshield damage?

We know seeing a chipped or cracked windshield is never a great way to start your day. Fortunately, if you have Comprehensive and Collision coverage or “full coverage,” that repair is covered.

You can add this coverage when you get a quote for a new HiRoad insurance policy. Just select “damage to my car” on the coverage screen. This coverage will include glass coverage, but please note that deductibles may vary.

In some areas, we offer “no glass deductible” coverage. With this coverage, you'll have full glass coverage with minimal out-of-pocket expense. Availability for this coverage may vary by state. You can contact Customer Care to see if we offer this coverage in your area.

If you need to file a glass claim, open the app and file your claim on the Incidents screen under “report glass damage.” Please note that this type of claim can only be made for glass damage and not other incidents.

Glass damage can be unpredictable. With full coverage, you can breathe easy knowing that HiRoad will have your back if and when it happens. So, if you’d like to add full coverage to your policy for your future needs, email us at support@hiroad.com.

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