What happens if I miss or need to make a late payment?

You have a bit of breathing room here. Your policy has a 14-day grace period. We’ll send you a cancellation notice that states the final date we need to receive your payment.

If the payment doesn't clear on the due date, auto pay will try the card on file again, each day, for up to 14 consecutive days until the payment goes through. As long as the payment clears no later than the 14th day, your policy is active and we don't charge any late fees.

If the payment doesn’t go through on the 14th day, your policy will lapse. If your policy is cancelled and you would like to purchase a new one, our Underwriting team will review to determine if you are eligible to purchase a new one.

How can I make a payment during the grace period?

Check your card on file and reach out to your bank/card issuer, or update the card details, if necessary. If you're still within your grace period, auto pay will take care of charging your card. Just a heads up, if the payment still doesn't clear by the final morning of the grace period, the policy will lapse.

You can update your payment method and new card details at your convenience, go to

Please note: We don’t take payments over the phone.

Am I charged a late fee during the grace period?

We won’t charge a late fee and your policy will stay active for the duration of the grace period. Your bill due date will stay the same the next month.

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