Why do all drivers on my policy need to use the app?

In order to recognize and reward your good driving behavior each month, we need to see that each driver on your policy downloads the app and logs trips.

When every driver listed on your policy downloads and uses the app, it ensures that all HiRoad customers get the discount they deserve. 

What happens if additional drivers on my policy don’t download and use the app?

Your potential discount will be less than 50% if additional drivers on your policy don’t download and log trips.

Invite additional drivers to download and use the app:

Step 1: Invite

  • Sign in to policy.hiroad.com
  • Go to "Drivers" 
  • Select the drivers name
  • Choose “Invite”
  • If they've been invited and their status is "Pending", choose "Resend invite"


Step 2: Download the app

  • Your drivers will receive an email to verify their account
  • Once email is verified, they can download the app in the App Store or
    Google Play Store
  • Have them set up their phones to allow location

Note: Drivers need to use a compatible mobile device.  

Step 3: Start taking trips

  • Drive and log trips 
  • Review trips at least once or twice per week and classify as “driving” or “not driving” 

Forgot your password? Reset it at policy.hiroad.com.

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