When I buy a HiRoad policy, is the price I pay today the price I pay each month?

Your online quote is your maximum monthly rate (price) for your current policy, based on the information you provided and the coverage you selected. This is the number you can use for budgeting and the most you will pay for the policy.

Our variable-price model is a little different than what you may be used to, so here are the key points:

  • Your first-month rate is exactly what it sounds like: this is what you will pay for the first month.

  • Your first-month driver discount is how much you save off your max price for the first month. It's calculated when you first quote with us and is reflected in the billing section of the HiRoad app.

  • Each month you have a fresh opportunity to save on your price based on your good habits and driving scores. You can see your progress each month by checking the screen with "Projected Rewards" on your app.  

Note: If you make a change, like adding another car or coverage, it will revise your rate.

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