What happens when my policy is up for renewal?

If your policy is eligible for renewal, you’ll receive a policy renewal notice about one month before your policy expires. We’ll automatically renew your policy unless you request a cancellation.

Your policy renewal notice will include any changes to your max base rate. Your rate may change based on:

  • Changes to the total number of claims HiRoad has received
  • Factors related to the year, make and model of your vehicle or the drivers on your policy
  • Increases, generally, in the cost of doing business
  • Your rate may be affected by your driving scores

If there’s any change to your max base rate, we’ll let you know in your renewal notice. You’ll have plenty of time to review all the information and make the best decision for you and the members of your household.

You can learn more about what drives rate changes on our blog, The Path.

Once your policy renews, you can still use the app to earn rewards. With HiRoad, you have a chance to save up to 50% each month for your good driving.

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