What is a Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)?

A Motor Vehicle Record or “MVR” is a report that provides the driving record history and documentation for a specific driver. The report will show moving violations (e.g. speeding tickets or a DUI), suspensions, car accidents and any other incidents documented by the motor vehicle department in a driver’s state of residence.

How are MVRs used?

At HiRoad, we look at MVRs to evaluate the risk of taking on a new policyholder and/or the risk of keeping an existing policyholder. We evaluate your MVR when you complete a quote for auto insurance. We’ll also check the MVR on any drivers that you add to a quote or an existing policy.

We may look at your MVR on an “as needed” basis. This will ensure that you and all the drivers on your policy remain eligible for HiRoad insurance. For example, if we receive an updated driver's license number, we may check your MVR to make sure the license is active and there is no new MVR activity on the report. We may also review your MVR if you had a recent claim. This will tell us if your license is valid and there are no new moving violations, which can impact eligibility.

How will the MVR affect my eligibility and rates?

Generally speaking, the more activity on your MVR, the more likely that your insurance premium will increase. We may also decline your request for coverage, opt not to renew your policy or cancel your policy based on your MVR activity.

How can I see my MVR?

If you are interested in obtaining a copy of your MVR, you may do so online by visiting your local department of motor vehicles website or by calling them directly.

What should I do if my rate increases?

We know that nobody is perfect and that, sometimes, your MVR may reflect that. But with a HiRoad policy, we’ll give you the tools that you need to be a more mindful driver and reward you with up to 50% off your max rate.

If you’d like to learn more, you can email Customer Care at support@hiroad.com.

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