What’s the HiRoader Recap?

The HiRoader Recap is an animated snapshot of your driving in our mobile app. It shows you how much you saved on your insurance in the last month as well as your lifetime savings. You’ll also see your HiRoad driving scores for the month, which highlight your good choices behind the wheel.

When will I get it?

The recap is only available for 10 days. It appears when you receive your bill and ends the day your bill is due.

How do I find it?

The HiRoader Recap is on the home screen of the HiRoad mobile app. Simply scroll to and tap on the HiRoader Recap tile. You can view it multiple times and take screenshots to share with your friends!

Why can’t I see it?

Because we are still rolling out this feature, it may take you a few billing cycles to access your HiRoader Recap. 

Did the HiRoad scores change?

No. We still calculate your monthly reward based on your four driving scores. Learn more about those on our Driving Scores FAQ article

Is this my bill?

No. You can still access your bill by opening the HiRoad app and tapping on the Account tab.

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